Monday, September 21, 2009


1.  Young hāpu'u ferns that have not yet developed trunks.  
2.  Young stage of hāpu'u fish. 
3. rough, bumpy, piimpled. 
4.  A mound, as for playing marbles.  
5.  sweet potato sprouts.  
6.  a variety of taro.

        Okay, here in Hawai'i most people know the hāpuʻu fern.  Now you know that before it has a trunk it is hāpuʻupuʻu.  But the main translation I want to focus on is the fourth one.  A mound.
        Remember playing marbles small kid time?  Had one hand spam, kinikini or kini, and hapupū?  Well, that hapupū is actually hāpuʻupuʻu.  I suppose if you say hāpuʻupuʻu fast enough it comes out sounding like hapupü.  As far as marbles are concerned hāpuʻupuʻu was that mound you made.  What was that hāpuʻupuʻu used for in marbles?  Darn if I can remember.  I loved playing marbles.  I bet a lot of you can remember what your best kini looked like.  You know, your favorite marble.  Was it a clearie?  A bamboocha?  Cat eyes?  And remember using that blue velvet crown royal bag for your marbles?  I never had one so I was envious of those who did.  My dad was a beer drinker.  Those were the days.  Hey, if you remember the function of the hāpuʻupuʻu leave a comment below!

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