Wednesday, September 30, 2009


crazy, insane, reckless, wild
This is a small kid kine word. And although us kids were sometimes referred to as being pupule we knew that this was the word that referred to those who were REALLY crazy (imagine your pointer fingers going in circles pointing to each ear...that kine crazy). I mean someone who has really lost it ("it" probably referring to their brains or senses).
Pupule also brings to mind a song made famous years ago:
Princess Pupule get plenty papaya,
She love to give 'em away
And all of the people they say,
"Omiya Omya, you really should trya
Little piece of the Princess Pupule's papaya..."
Remember that one? That was one good song. Didn't make much sense but not everything should, right? It was just super catchy.
Now there's a new song out for the younger generation that has pupule in it:
I've been watching you from across the way, girl
Moving that sexy body, girl
And I must say that you are driving me pupule
ʻIke anei ʻoe i kekahi kanaka pupule? - Do you know any crazy people?
Pupule kēlā wahine ma ka hale kūʻai - That woman in the store is CRAZY.
All in good fun, again. and the pupule legacy lives on in song.


  1. I'm one tutu, so I remember that song very well from my childhood! Da kine good memories, you know.