Tuesday, September 1, 2009


the chinese violet (Telosma cordata), which has yellowish-green flowers

Since mokihana is not plentiful, is costly, and is not available but for a few months beginning in or around March, I do have a second favorite lei and that is the pakalana. Its Hawaiian name actually comes from the flower's Chinese name: Paklan. This fast growing vine enjoys hot weather so it grows quite well in areas such as Waiʻanae and Molokaʻi. Fetching an easy $5 a strand it can be quite costly as one strand is not enough...3 is a minimum. Its delicate petals can be revitalized by a nice cold bath in water. Its scent wafts gently into the house if you plant it in strategic places in the yard. Give it a good trellis and you needn't do much more except watch for the bees, although they don't both humans when they have pakalana to keep them fed. Want a nice lei to give to someone on a special occasion? When in season, order pakalana. Though not as popular as pīkake it is just as sweet!

E lei i ka lei ʻala onaona, ʻo ka pakalana - where the sweet scented lei, the pakalana.
ʻO ka pakalana kekahi lei punahele - The pakalana lei is a favorite lei.

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