Tuesday, September 22, 2009


1.  pinworm, as in the rectum; white specks in feces; larvae, as of mosquitos; worm in dung or in taro.  2.  Inferior taro left in the field after the crop is removed.  
3.  The bastard sandalwood (Myoporum sandwicesne), a native tree.  
4.  Name of a seaweed

Of all these meanings, the first one is the most well known.  In fact, I would go so far as to say it is the most similar thing to a swear word in Hawaiian.  If anyone refers to you as a pala naio, OUCH!  that is a definite term of contempt, a definite swear word, cussing to the max!  It means you are not even worth as much as a daub of excreta.  We'll try to offset today's word with something much nicer tomorrow!

Naio ʻai kae - Dung-eating pinworm (an expression of contempt for one who slanders, especially his own ʻohana)

Kohu ʻole kahi wai o Kanaio - Unattractive is the water of Kanaio (A contemptuous expression meaning that something another person has said or done is worthless.  A play on naio, found in the anus).

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