Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Sulky, sullen, peeved, peevish, stubborn; to sulk, balk.

If you grew up in Hawaiʻi, or Hawaiian style, surely you remember the word nuha. I can just hear my dad calling me "Nuha-lani".  Whenever you got all mad because someone did something to you, usually a sibling or older cousin, and no adult would "back you up" you got all nuha.  Funny thing is when I read the definition for nuha in the dictionary, nowhere did it say "salty."  Is that just a made up word or is that also a translation for nuha?  Is that a "real" word synonymous with sulky?  Oftentimes I wonder if words like "salty" for nuha or one hand "spam" instead of span when playing marbles are words just used here in the islands by the local families.  People just hearing the words wrong.  Not attuned to fine tuning, so to speak.  I mean salty sounds like sulky, but I NEVER heard the word sulky small kid time.  It was always either, "What, you nuha?" or "She stay all salty."  And they weren't referring to taste. Just a point to ponder during those nuha times.

Nuha ʻo ia. - She's "salty."

Mai hoʻonuha 'oe iā ia. - Don't make him get sulky.

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