Monday, August 3, 2009


n. Result, conclusion, sequel, ending, destiny, fate, consequence, effect, last

Sometimes (actually, a lot of times) the Hawaiian language is so much simpler and to the point than English. Let's use today's He Momi for example. Look at all the meanings. They all mean relatively the same thing: that which comes in the end. That's exactly what hopena means: ending. We can take the "root" word of hopena which is hope (which is not pronounced like hope as in faith, hope and love. This one is pronounced like Hope Joe for you old timers in Hawai'i). Hope literally means after, behind, last, late. The -na is something like a suffix, kind of like end-ing.

What made me come up with today's He Momi, hopena? Just thinking about the end of my most memorable summer, a summer in which I did nothing work wise. Well, maybe just a little, but for the first time ever, I vacationed, I went for long walks every morning, I enjoyed my time alone, with family, and friends.

I hopena pule maika'i - Have a good weekend.
E 'ike ana 'oe i ka hopena o ia hana - You will see the result of those actions.
He hopena luahine/'elemakule - the result of being an old lady/man

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  1. So glad you had a great summer. You must tell me how and in what way Tahiti changed your life. May the new school year get off to a great start for you!!