Friday, August 14, 2009


dry, dried up, evaporated, juiceless, desicrated; stale, as bread; drought, dryness

Not to be confused with malolo, as in Malolo syrup, maloʻo refers to anything on the dry side (although malolo also refers to low, as in the tide).

iʻa maloʻo - dry fish

kai maloʻo - dry sea (in other words, low tide)

Hereʻs an ʻōlelo noʻeau using maloʻo:

Maloʻo ka lani, wela ka honua - when the sky is dry, the earth is parched.

Here's another I think you will enjoy:

Mai nānā i ka lāʻau maloʻo, ʻaʻohe mea loaʻa o laila - do not pay attention to a dry tree for there is nothing to be gained from it. (Nothing is learned from an ignoramous)

Wow! How's that for some imagery! clever, simply clever. Not too nice, but definitely vivid! Are there some lāʻau maloʻo hanging around your workplace?

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