Wednesday, August 26, 2009


mouth, opening, inner surface of a bowl, open top of a canoe, muzzle
of a gun, oral, one who talks too much :-)

"You all waha". Boy, I can just hear my dad saying this. And believe me, it's a lot funnier today as I think about it than it was when I used to hear it! Now, tell me you heard it, too, small kid time. It's when you say stuff and you are either making it up or just saying a lot of nothing. "You all mouth."

Isn't it ironic that the waha refers to a part of the canoe as does the ihu (nose). Wonder about tomorrow's word...

Here are some interesting "waha" words:

waha ʻawa - a bitter (ʻawa) and sadistic person who makes impulsive vindicative statements about the one he hates.

waha heʻe - to lie; lying, deceitful, false (literally, "slippery mouth. Not to be confused with waihe'e)

waha mana - voice of authority (literally powerful mouth)

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