Tuesday, August 4, 2009


nvi. Recovered from sickness; well, after sickness; to get well, convalesce; filling out, as after loss of weight; sprouting, as a bud.

Everyone seems to be getting or recovering from an illness, either a sore throat, a cold, or some strain of flu. There are those whose illnesses are a bit more serious. So I thought it might be useful to learn a new word: polapola. In English, when someone is recovering from illness, we just say that they are getting better, recovering, getting well. In Hawaiian, polapola is just the word you are looking for when you want to say that you or someone you know is recovering or getting better. And what happens frequently when we get sick is that we lose weight (one aspect of being sick that I welcome) and a lot of people just do not look the same until they start "filling out" again. When that starts happening, you can refer to that "filling out" as polapola.

Ke polapola nei ʻo ia - S/he is getting better.

Ua polapola maikaʻi kaʻu moʻopuna - My grandchild recovered well.

E polapola ana au - I am going to get better.

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