Tuesday, August 25, 2009


reduplication of ʻolu (cool, refreshing; soft, supple, flexible, pliant), pleasant, nice, amiable, satisfied, contented, happy, affable, agreeable, congenial, cordial, gracious; please.

Frequently we meet people in our lives who are ʻoluʻolu by nature. Much like a couch can be ʻoluʻolu, or comfortable, certain people that we know possess that kind of comfort. These are people who are very gracious and cordial, so much so that we never want to lose them as friends and are confident that we never will by virtue of the ʻoluʻolu-ness. And like not wanting to give away that old ratty couch. we will never leave these friendships. Now I'm not comparing ʻoluʻolu friends to ratty old couches, just the feelings that they evoke! And though we all strive to be ʻoluʻolu in most that we do, I know but a small handful of people who are truly like this. How about you?

He kanaka ʻoluʻolu 'o Kahu Kaupu - Kahu Kaupu is a nice person

ʻOluʻolu is also the word used for "please", the magic word. You can use it like this:

ʻoluʻolu, e honi iaʻu - please kiss me.
E honi iaʻu, ke 'ʻoluʻolu - kiss me, please

Notice how there is an "e" in the beginning please, but when please occurs at the end of the sentence, it changes to "ke".
Thus ends the language lesson.

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