Friday, August 14, 2009


unfolded, as flower petals; blossoming, opening up; spread, as a turkey's tail; blooming, as a youth just past adolescence; shining forth, as a light, appearing clear, as a thought; evolved, developed.

What a beautiful word. And to mean such different, yet similar things. a blooming flower, a male turkey's tail (and I do see lots of turkeys in Paʻauilo), a child emerging into the next stage of life. All a blossoming forth into new beauty.

We mostly hear mohala referring to the blossoming of flowers, as in the Hālau Mohala 'Ilima (hālau of blossoming 'ilima), with kumu hula Mapuana de Silva.

I mohala nō ka lehua i ke keʻekeʻehi ʻia e ka ua - lehua blossoms unfold because the rains tread upon them. (It is the rain that brings forth the lehua blossoms. So do gentle words bring forth much that is desired).

Ua hoʻomohala ʻia kona naʻau kānalua - his doubting heart began to feel courage.

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