Thursday, November 19, 2009


1.  fruit, tuber, egg, produce, yield, ovum. 
2. round object, as pill or bead.  
3.  result, effect. 
4. Tesitcles. 
5. a vulgar gesture. 
6. word,letter,figure.  
7.  Name of the thirteenth night of the lunar month.  
8.  Name of a star.  
9. The bulging of the broadest part of a paddle blade.

Wow, that was a lot!  But the main meaning I would like to focus on is the 7th one.  Name of the thirteenth night of the lunar month.  Last night's moon is named appropriately Hua.  One night after Mōhalu. It is during the Hua moon that one should plant any fruiting plant.  This helps us to remember that Hua actually means fruit!  Here's another easy way to remember Hua the moon with hua the fruit.  This moon is in the shape of an egg and hua also means egg!  Hua moa - chicken egg.  So think of an egg as you go outside to look at tonight's moon and notice the resemblance.  Then remember that this is the time to plant fruiting trees, plants.  Hawaiians once again showing their "oneness" with nature and their environment.

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