Tuesday, November 17, 2009


1.  Down, downward, low, lower, under, beneath,below, subordinate. 
2.  Leeward, lee, southern.

Opposite of luna is lalo.  So it makes sense that if a luna is a manager, then a lalo is a subordinate.  Of course these terms, used in this way, did not come around until the plantation era.  There was no need for it before then.  It was strictly ali'i (chiefs), maka'āinana (commoners), and kauā (outcastes).  The plantation era changed many things in Hawai'i, including the language.

ko lalo - of or belonging to below or the south.

mai lalo - from below

Aia ka puke ma lalo o ke pākaukau - the book is under the table.

E waiho i këia ma lalo nei - Leave this here.

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