Monday, November 16, 2009


1.  high, upper, above, over, up. 
2. foreman,boss, leader, overseer, supervisor, headman, officer of any sort. 
3. chief piece in the kōnane game.

If you've studied anything about the plantation era here in Hawai'i you've heard the word luna.  The plantation heads were all known as luna and most of the time these were the Haole people and then when there weren't enough of them, the Portuguese people that came to Hawai'i for the purpose of working in the sugar plantations.  And they were chosen mainly because of their fair skin more than anything else.  Because luna means up or above, this was synonymous with the status of any high ranking position in a job, whether it be an officer of some sort, a superintendent, commissioner or plantation manager.

He lani ko luna, he honua ko lalo - Above has the heavens, below has the earth.

He luna ko'u kupuna kāne ma ka mahi kō - My grandfather was a luna at the sugar plantation.

Aia ka penikala ma luna o ka pepa - the pencil is on top of the paper.

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