Tuesday, November 3, 2009


 1.  To pull or draw frequently, or by many persons; to pull by jerks or continuously, as in the tug-of-war game; to gather, as taro; friction, dissension.  
2.  To disagree, quarrel; disagreement; not cooperative, headstrong, obstinate.  
3.  Tug of war game, to play the game.

We all enjoy playing the game of hukihuki but we probably don't enjoy being involved in a hukihuki of dissension.  This word is used a lot today when referring to disagreements or friction occurring between families or friends or colleagues.  State workers have plenty
hukihuki nowadays with all the layoffs and furloughs.  Politics always get hukihuki.  I'm sure many of you remember using this word or hopefully you still use it or better yet, you remember it, never used it in your adult life but now you will revive it!  And so hukihuki lives on, in a good way!

Hele maila lākou a
hukihuki i ka wai - They came to draw water.

Pili hukihuki
- a relationship with constant quarrels

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