Wednesday, November 4, 2009


To seek knowledge or information; to investigate; investigation, examination, research, searching for even the smallest detail.

       With all the talk of cutting the budgets for schools, I want to mention the importance of allocating money for professional development.  Today's word, noiʻi, is basically the word for research, an important process to developing one's understanding in a given arena.  It is important to promote research and investigation among teachers by allocating funds for them to attend conferences, workshops, classes (you know many teachers pay for these on their own).  Bottom line is, it doesn't matter how nice the classrooms are, how many books are in it, how many pupils there are to adults.  If the teacher does not know how to teach or is not up to date with the research all other efforts are in vain.  We all know that a good education doesn't come from the availability of "stuff."  It comes from delivery of a quality education by a well-informed teacher who knows the importance of compassion, love, and patience and weaves this together with teaching strategies that suit the needs of each student in the classroom.  We need to give teachers opportunities to better themselves through professional development.
I know, I know. Schools are having furlough Fridays here in Hawaiʻi and I am worried about professional development? Poopoo on me. But I dont care. PD pays for itself tenfold in the classroom.

He mea nui ka noiʻi i nā kumu - Research is an important thing for teachers.

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