Wednesday, November 18, 2009


To burn, set on fire, bake
Okay, you alert readers know that there are other meanings to puhi (think eel) but since I am getting in the Thanksgiving spirit (one of my favorite holidays) and I love baked goods, I want to share with you the word for bake...puhi.  In fact, a bakery is known as a hale puhi palaoa - a house that bakes bread.  Now I suppose you can use this word when you want to burn or set anything on fire (and being a firefighter's wife I am not promoting anything of the sort!) but we won't go there.  Just baking.  Because I have a one track mind.

E puhi palaoa ana au i ka lā 'apōpō - I am going to bake bread tomorrow.

Puhi 'ia kēia mea'ono e ko'u makuahine - This dessert was baked by my mother.

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