Thursday, July 9, 2009


nvs. Hurt, in pain, painful, aching, sore, pained; pain, injury, ailment, suffering, soreness, aching; to hurt, pain, cause suffering or pang.

Yesterday's word, māloʻeloʻe, related to the achiness of your body from working out and using muscles you have not used in a while. Todayʻs word, ʻeha, just deals with overall general soreness and hurt, both of the physical and emotional type, as in, ʻEha koʻu kino - My body is sore. Ua ʻeha kona naʻau - His feelings were hurt. Or hereʻs another good one: ʻeha koni - throbbing ache. I know in your mind you are thinking of the kind of ache like when something falls on your toe, that kind of throbbing, but this one refers more often than not to that ache from love. You know what I am talking about. He ʻeha konikoni i ka puʻuwai - The heart throbs with agony.

ʻEha i ka ʻeha lima ʻole - Aching with an ache not inflicted by hands (in other words, inflicted by love. UGH!)
Mai hōʻeha i kou tita - Donʻt hurt your sister.
Ua ʻeha anei kou lima? - Is your arm sore?
ʻAʻole ʻeha koʻu kua i kēia lā - My back is not sore today.

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