Sunday, July 12, 2009


Aloha kākou! It is another hoʻo- word! Remember hoʻo- from yesterday's word? Hoʻo- is the causative, causing the verb to have action. See if you can follow along.

Mahanvs. Rest, repose, vacation; freedom from pain; at ease, comfort.

Hoʻomaha - To cause rest. In other words, to go on a vacation!
Of course, maha has tons of other meanings:

1. n. Temple, side of the head. (Lunk. 4.21.) (PNP mafa.)

2. n. Gill plate of a fish.

3. n. Wings of a flying fish.

4. n. Preputium, foreskin.

5. n. Lower portion of a canoe manu.

7. n. Severed portion Cf. maha lāʻaumahamaha, maha ʻōʻō.

8. Same as mahamoe 1.

9. Same as māhana, twin. Maha puʻu, twin hills.

10. Rare. var. of mahamaha 3, to show affection.

11. n. Fishes. See maha mea, maha ʻōʻō, maha wela.

But we are just sticking to the main one for today, which is "to rest". And today is Sunday, the day of rest and I am going to Oʻahu for a mini rest/vacation.

Mai poina e hoʻomaha - Do not forget to take a rest.

Ke hoʻomaha nei ʻo ia ma kahakai - He is vacationing at the beach.

He lā hoʻomaha kēia - This is a day of rest.

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