Monday, July 13, 2009


1. nvs. Weary, tired, fatigued; wearisome, burdensome, tiresome, laborious, tedious; burden, wearisome or tedious task; labor, work, pains, toil. Koʻu luhi, my fatigue. 

Busy weekends tend to require another weekend to recuperate, especially when hopping from one island and back.  Today's Hawaiian word, luhi, refers to that tired and fatigued feeling. Perhaps you've heard this word in another word: māluhiluhi - tired (we tend to learn this one when taking a Hawaiian language class -- Pehea ʻoe? How are you? Māluhiluhi au. I am tired).  

An interesting form of luhi is hoʻoluhi (there it is again, a hoʻo- word). Hoʻoluhi means "to bother" as in, Hiki iaʻu ke hoʻoluhi iā ʻoe? Can I bother you? With hoʻo- in front of luhi, it literally means to make tired or fatigued which is, generally, what you are doing when you are bothering someone :-)

Luhi au i kēia lā - I am tired today.
Mai hoʻoluhi mai ʻoe iaʻu - Donʻt make me tired.

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