Wednesday, July 15, 2009


nvt. Hot, burned; heat, temperature.

It has been a wela summer! HOTNESS! Whew! So learn this word, if it is new to you. You can look straight into the next Hawaiian's eyes and say "WELA" and hopefully they will get the gist of your word.

Wela also refers to another kind of heat and that is the heat of passion and lust. You know what I am talking about, right? Yeah. That's a wela of a different sort. That's a wela that is wela even in the dead of winter.

Wela ka hao - The iron is hot (as in strike while the iron is hot...DO IT NOW!)
Wela kēia lā - Today is hot

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  1. Mahalo hou no ka ho‘äla hou ‘ana iä He Momi. E ho‘opaku‘i ana i ka‘u blog ma ke kula ma ke ‘ano he kumu waiwai no nä kumu.