Friday, July 17, 2009


nvs. Able, competent, capable, handy, efficient, proficient, versed, adept, skilled, expert, qualified; prepared, ready; competence, proficiency, efficiency, aptitude, preparation; to know how, to know well. 

This is a familiar word to many. Most often heard in days gone by during hula practices or performances, as I recall. The kumu would yell out, "Mākaukau". And the dancers would reply, "ʻAe". Sometimes one would hear, "Hoʻomākaukau". Remember the hoʻo-? Get ready! Literally "to cause readiness".

If someone is mākaukau in a sport or profession they are really good at it. What are you mākaukau at doing? I know there is something! Let me know in the comment section below. Here is mine:

Mākaukau au i ka huakaʻi hele - I am proficient at traveling.
ʻAʻole au mākaukau i ka ʻūlū paiki - I am not adept at packing suitcases.

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