Tuesday, July 7, 2009


vs. 1. Tired, exhausted; stiff or aching, as from unaccustomed exercise. Also loʻeloʻe. hoʻo.mā.loʻe.loʻe Caus/sim. (Ier. 9.5.)

It is summer and as a result I am a mad woman about exercise. Only during the summer when I do not have to teach. It is either exercise or eat. And the results are quite different. But boy am I experiencing bouts of māloʻeloʻe, that achiness that comes with using bones and body parts that are not normally used. You know the feeling...you have to either plow through it the next few days or simply veg out on the couch. And for once I am choosing to plow. Ouch. Getting up hurts. Sitting down hurts. Plowing through hurts. But if a choice has to be made might as well plow right?

Aole ona makau i ka maloeloe a me ka wela - He was not fearful of the exhaustion or the heat. (from Ke Kumu Hawaiʻi 1839)

aole oia i maloeloe e like me ka lio, a ee hou oia maluna o ka lio - He wasnʻt achy/exhausted like the horse and proceeded to get on top of the horse again. (from Ka Hōkū o ka Pākīpika 1861)

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