Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Papa Hoe

Paddle board

I love how languages grow and change and evolve. Hawaiian is no exception. When new words pop up in the English language, a Hawaiian word has to be developed. Hawaiians have been doing this since the arrival of Captain Cook!  And when the Hawaiian language immersion schools first started, WHOA, tons of words had to be developed. 

So today I have developed a word for paddle board. I have no idea if someone already came up with one. But why the heck not :-) It makes sense, I've done it before, and people will have no trouble figuring out what I (or you for that matter) are referring to when it is heard.

So try it out. Papa hoe - paddle board. 
He papa hoe kēia - This is a paddle board.
ʻO kēia ka hoe papa hoe - This is a paddle board paddle.
Pono e kū ma luna o ka papa hoe - You have to stand on the paddle board.

If you know of a different word being used for this new sport, let us all know!

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