Tuesday, July 14, 2009


1. vs. New, fresh, recent. Ka-puna-hou (place name), the new spring. (PPN foʻou.)

2. vs. Again, more, re- (as in hoʻoponopono hou, re-edit). Hana hou, do again, repeat; encore.

3. vt. To push, thrust, poke, stab, shove, prick, plunge, ram, jab, drill, bore, pierce, inject. See also houhou. Hou kui, injection needle. Ka hou ʻana o ka ihe (FS 55), the hurling of the spear. (PPN fohu.)

4. nvi. Perspiration, sweat; to perspire, sweat. (PCP (f,s)ou.)

5. n. Varieties of wrasse (Thalassoma) shallow-water fish, as T. purpureum. The following names have been recorded for the young stages of the hou: ʻāwela, kanaloa, ʻōlali, ʻōlani, pāhouhou, pākaiele, pākaueloa, palaeʻa, pāʻouʻou.

6. Same as pakaweli, a variety of sugar cane.

     As you can see, one small word in Hawaiian can have several meanings.  Such is the case with hou. You probably know this word from the phrase "Hana hou" - do it again! Or perhaps in a place name such as Punahou - new spring. Hou is also used a lot to refer to perspiration (SWEAT).

Pulu au i ka hou - I am drenched in perspiration.

He lā hou kēia - This is a new day.

E kākau hou ana au i ka leka - I am going to write the letter again.

E hīmeni hou i ke mele - Sing the song again.

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