Monday, October 5, 2009

Ehu Ahiahi

The dust of evening

Aloha ahiahi!  Good evening!  Many of you may recognize ahiahi as being the Hawaiian word for evening.  And you may also know the word ʻehu (usually referring to the reddish tinge in hair). ʻEhu also refers to sea spray and dust.  In other words,ʻehu  ahiahi literally means "the dust of evening."  Otherwise known as evening twilight.  What a nice way to put it, huh?  Here's something else that seems so beautiful and is one of the reasons that I love the Hawaiian language so much. ʻEhu  ahiahi figuratively refers to old age. I think I like the idea of comparing old age to evening dust or twilight. Not a bad thought, especially since that time of day is a favorite of mine.

Ua hiki mai ka ʻehu ahiahi - Evening twilight is here (Old age has finally arrived).

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