Wednesday, October 7, 2009


1.  Scattered, dispersed, routed, gone, tousled; fine, crumbling; every which way, as hair in the wind.  2.  Peeling, as sunburn.  3.  Remainder, remnant; to remain.

    You know when you're sitting near a heap of ashes, maybe from the hibachi or a rubbish fire and then a gust of wind comes and whoooooosh, the ashes go flying all about?  That's puehu.  Or when you're riding in the car, hair all beautiful and all of a sudden someone opens a window and hair is flying all over the place, especially in your eyes?  That's puehu.

    Hopefully you haven't been peeling lately from a sunburn.  That is also puehu.  Use sunscreen!  Gee, I remember that the only thing we put on our skin way back in my youth was anykine oil to get more pāpaʻa!  Now we need to protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Ua puehu ka hulu o ka manu
 the feathers of the bird have scattered
 (Said of one who has left in a hurry)

Puehu ka lehu i nā maka o ka mea luhi
 Ashes fly into the eyes of the toiler
 (One must endure the unpleasant in order to gain the pleasant, just as the cook at a fireplace gets ashes into his eyes when he blows on the fire)

Puehu li'ili'i ka lehu o kapuahi
 The ashes of the fireplace are scattered in every direction.
 (Said of an angry person whose temper makes everybody scatter)

'Elua a puehu - two and a little over.

Ua puehu ka lehu i ka makani - the ashes were scattered in the breeze.

E puehu ana kona 'ili - Her skin is going to peel.

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