Thursday, October 22, 2009


1.  Oven, baking pan; to roast, bake; roasted. 
2. To open the mouth, as though to speak. 
3. Female mahimahi fish. 
4. Concave. 
5. small adze. 
6. Space between opposing armies where sacrifices were offered; preparations for war; first men killed in war.

    Here's a word you can use everyday, especially those who cook in the kitchen.  So go and make a post-it note, stick it on the 'oma, and, starting today, begin using
'oma instead of oven!  I'm sure the people in your house will not get it confused with the other meanings of 'oma. After all I'm sure there are no wars in your household (well, not of the magnitude where sacrifices are offered).

pelehū 'oma - roast turkey

'oma wawe - microwave oven (wawe=quick)

Mākaukau ka 'oma - The oven is ready.

Wela ka 'oma - The oven is hot.

E ho'ohana i ka 'oma wawe - Use the microwave oven.

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