Friday, October 2, 2009


nvi. Circle, group, as of people, trees (For. 5:287); gathering; to gather about in a circle.

How many of you are thinking of a song?  Pōhai ke aloha...  A gathering of love, encircled by love.  How magnificent. 
Pōhai is this gathering of people or things into a circle.  Pōhainani is the name of a retirement home on Oʻahu.  It means to be surrounded by beauty.  Isn't that a wonderful name for a home filled with kupuna?

Pōhai ka manu ma luna, he iʻa ko lalo - When the birds circle above, there are fish below.

Pōhai ka neki lewa i ka makani - Surrounded by the reeds that sway in the breeze. (Said of one handsome and graceful of movement)

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