Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Scattered, littered disheveled; disorder, untidiness, mess, chaos.

     Mōkākī ko'u hale!  My house is a MESS!  Okay, now you know what generated today's word.

    In English when something is messy, we might want to say it's dirty or lepo, but really, that's not the case (unless you live in Mākaha next to the highway, with lots of louvered windows that have to stay open because it's so hot, then it IS lepo!).  We might want to say kāpulu which means the same as mōkākī and more.  But generally speaking, if your house is in need of some tidying up, it's mōkākī.  If it's downright disgusting (and mine is bordering that state) then it's kāpulu.

'A'ole mōkākī kona hale - Her house is not untidy.

'A'ole au makemake i ka lumi mōkākī - I don't like a messy room.

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